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Bash Carriers qualifies for CIDB Grade 7CE & 8GB (Both Potential Emerging) & it is a Woman owned and BBBEE Level 2 organisation.

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Today Promin has over 4,000 professionals on its payroll All Over The World.
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Architecture & Building

Design &

We have a diverse and flexible Design & Build department. Our projects are from indivdual housing units to complex infrastructural engineering projects The department is equipped with skilled multi-disciplinary construction professionals

Construction Consultants

Earthworks & Roadworks

Bash Carriers owns a full fleet of vehicles and modern road construction equipment which we constantly endeavor to update with the evolution of technology and resources. With a strong management line-up coupled with our technical competency, the company looks forward to remain among the premier companies in the road construction sector in Southern Africa.
Architecture & Building

Bridges &

Bash Carriers’ other area of specialty includes construction of bridges. The experience in bridges includes inter alia mass and pilled bridge foundations, post tensioning and steel reinforcing.

Plant Hire

Bash Carriers has invested heavily on construction equipment necessary for the areas of specialty. All plant and machinery is owned by the company.


Bash Carriers owns a full fleet of vehicles that is responsible for the activity of organising the movement of equipment and also performing the commercial activities of transporting goods to customers. Our wealth of experience in this sector also assists in ensuring quality and timely deliveries.

Sewerage Water & Pump Stations

Bash Carriers has vast experience in water engineering, i.e water pipe lines, water reservoirs, sewerage lines and pump stations. Our specialty is both on steel and uPvc pipes.

Leading The Way In Building And Civil Construction

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